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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I'm the creator.
This is my world.
I stand amidst an isolated island,
Surrounded by water on each side.
Is this ocean made up of tears I have shed, I wonder.
On the island, I'm cut off from the world.
This is my space. No one can enter here without my permission.
I find myself standing amidst the dark forest.
I feel fear and loneliness.
Is this forest the wall I have created for myself, I wonder.
I shout. I scream. I hear no response or an echo. I'm all alone on this island.
I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing.
Should I find a path through this dark forest? Or should I let it go; going on the journey which ends at the beach anyway. It is futile and absurd exercise to even try and win a war I can never win.
I stay. I feel a sense of warm and comfort. Aah! This is wonderful! So warm and cosy!
A very long time passes by. I don't know how much; I'm no more bounded by time and space.
I wonder if I try hard enough, I will be able to find a way out.
I decide to give it a try.
I walk amid the dark forest. I feel irritated by the uncertainty and unknown.
I stumble upon something unknown and I fall. I get hurt.
But I pick up myself and keep going.
The pain and suffering becomes my strength. Oh lord! I can bear any misery you throw at me!
I find a ray of hope somewhere in the distance. I gather courage to follow my instincts.
I walk a long way towards the ray of hope and just when I was about to give up,
I find myself standing on the beach.
Oh light!  How I have craved for you.
The sand on the beach touches my feet,
And for the first time in my life, I feel happy; happy to be where I was always meant to be.
I wonder how many have accomplished what I have.
Air surrounding me gently touches my skin.
I look around and find two pathways: one leads back into the world and the other one leads to the heaven.
The world is difficult and unfair.
Oh how I crave to go to the heaven, leaving behind broken hearts.
A sudden realization makes me shiver: THIS IS IT!
I have to make a choice now: either back to the world, or heaven.
A sense of calm overcomes me. All the wisdom, all the knowledge and all the logic fails where I am standing right now.
I smile. I know what I'm supposed to do.

I jump into the water, ignoring both pathways, and decide to find my self.
I'm the creator.
And This is my world.
I decide my own fate,


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Natsamrat Review by Rishikesh Pande

Some movies make us laugh, some make us cry. Some movies are like a summer wind which touches our heart gently, and some are like a tornado which destroys us. Natsamrat, staring the wonderful Nana Patekar, for me was like a tornado and it destroyed me.

Milan Kundera in his book, the unbearable lightness of being, baffled me with the concept of lightness and heaviness. Watching Natsamrat, I'm reminded of what Kundera writes in the book about heaviness. Imagine every step you take is going to be repeated, again and again, an infinite number of times, and you will now feel burdened about step you are going to take;a step which will be repeated a thousand times. Watching Natsamrat, amidst the crowd of many, I found myself struggling to get a hold of myself. From the very first few moments of the movie, I started feeling inexplicable and extreme emotions, emotions so powerful that I found myself struggling with what my response to such emotions should be. I must say I was careless in choosing my response, which later turned out to be a huge burden. I chose to shed tears. As the movie started to progress, I understood the burden Milan Kundera talked about. I found myself struggling to find another suitable response to the emotions I was experiencing, but I found none. By the end of the movie, I had experienced emotions so extreme, that I found myself unmoved for a few more minutes to the same chair, still cursing myself for the response I chose so carelessly in the beginning; a response, which was repeated infinite number of times during the course of the movie.

There's nothing more sad than tears in a women's eyes. But there's a sense of inexplicable beauty in a man's teary eyes. I felt proud to have shared this experience with two men who are in touch with their emotions. So thank you for the warm company you offered me, Kumar and Sagar. I also felt proud that audience in the auditorium too didn't hold themselves back. Somehow, even with our differences, Natsamrat United us in that auditorium. I felt that my burden was shared by everyone in the auditorium and I hope it isn't for the last time.

Talking about the performances, especially Nana Patekar, I find myself struggling to come up with words. I'm speechless. But if I must try, I will say this:  I don't remember which was the first movie I saw him act in, but if this movie turns out to be his last, I will definitely remember him as the man who played Natsamrat. Supporting cast did equally brilliant job!

To be or not to be, that is the question. If you are wondering whether to watch the movie, or not, I would strongly recommend you to do the former. There are subtitles for those who don't understand Marathi language. I must add, you will be mesmerised by the performances so much that you might even forget about the language.

I left auditorium with a heavy heart and a thousands of thoughts. I'm sure that there's gonna be a thousand of movies coming out this year, but I'm absolutely certain that there won't be any other movie better or even close to Natsamrat.