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Friday, 19 October 2018

Book: Tarikshir:The Awakening
Author: Khayaal Patel
Publisher: Westland
Published on: 20/08/2018

Tarikshir a story of battles, power, mysterious murders and a strong potion which when revealed can cause havoc to human existence.

Story beings with ongoing battle between britishers and Princely Kingdom of Rajasthan. The mysterious assassination and mass murders of the civilians, leaves the Prince Rudra baffled and agitated.

He voes to reach the roots of all the miseries of his life and kingdom, the path ultimately lead him to discover the powers of Tarikshir.

The plot is so gripping that one cannot leave it in between. Narrations are fast paced with decent notch of writing style and minor editing errors.

Overall the book is good enough to invest your time.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

It's been time since I last read a reinterpretation of a mythological story. Especially one built from The Mahabharata, one of the grandest epics of the world, the greatest—of course—and a personal favourite too. So, when I got a review copy of The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty by Kavita Kanรฉ, I was thrilled. I'd heard about the author around my connections and heard about her other works too; and I appreciated the way she was pulling up and putting down the characters which were not given much light in original storyline, and women characters above that. With this excitement, and the “About the Author” section in the beginning, I built up hope to find within this, a great, grand narrative. And man was I wrong? No, it isn't that bad as you think it is, but it isn't that good (with one extra o) either.

So first let's start with the cover. They say—though it's a clichรฉ —don’t judge a book by it's cover. And rightly so. The cover is the most beautiful thing about the book. Followed closely by the font, then the plot, then the narrative, and then I'm descending order goes setting, characters, and dialogues, among other constituents of the story. The cover features a lady. Ornamented. There's a lot of Golden and blue in it. Pointing out half of the story right there. Politics (it's where you get that much gold), and the fishes make the blue clear. And then there's an ornament on her wrist, which has a fish in it. The cover is attractive, and you might pick it, if you see it somewhere around. Out of seer curiosity. Then you will turn it over. Like a good reader does, to read the blurb. “Excellent!” You will think, turn the book back, open it, smell, and then start. Only if it were that simple.

The title is apt. Matches in a way with her other titles. Gives a woman character and adds a feminine role of a queen. People acquaint with the grand epic, will guess the character at once: who's it gonna be?

Down to the index. Chapters are not numbered, though every chapter is named. The only problem I had with the “contents” section was that it had too many ‘Thes’. In fact, except the “Prologue”, “Epilogue”, and the last chapter, every heading carries a ‘The’ in it. Though it's well justified. Everything was too singular in the epic storyline, and so even a small action becomes grand when it gets in the affinity of the grand narrative, but still, there are some things that become a grass blade in your eyes, and this was. No offence to the author!

I won't go much into the story, dialogues, or the plot, to make this review spoiler free. But I'll try to be just, and give you quite a clear insight in the book, so that you can, well, get your money's worth. Or your expectations’.

First comes the plot. Decent. The story has been well thought over. The authoress has taken liberty and invented some brilliant scenes. And at times, when you are not busy getting disappointed, you'll quite like it, and see the scenes getting enacted (not like a movie, but like a school play), but anyway, you'll like it. Though it could have been much better.

The thing about the story is a bit complicated. The authoress rushes things at time, and ridiculously slows at others. But most of the times, it's decent. You'll not be much away from a bestseller vibe, when you're going through it. Though I'd like to add a bit here that Ganga is a goddess, a river goddess, not a nymph. Nymph is a guardian, and a Greek concept. Don't mix your mythologies, unless you've a good reason. Vasus are gods, with small g, for only three gods in Indian mythology deserve to be given a capital G address.

But what irks and troubles me, as a reader and a reviewer, is the language, which, I am too sorry to say, but it really, sucks, at times though, not always. It lacks the experience which the authoress should have shown by this time. It's easy, the language, I mean, but there are faults crawling like maggots all over it. At times words stand alone, when the meaning intended gets only partly delivered by the character's actions. She could have built a momentum in the “Prologue” itself, but she quite rushed the things there itself. It felt like a reel fast forwarding itself. Though the scene could've still worked, but whatever lustre a good dialogue could've blessed it with, was snatched away with the carelessness imparted in this section. A story is not always about a good story, at times, all it takes a bad voice in the character’s mouth to turn off the reader. There are just so many adverbs in voice tags. You don't get that feeling when you roll off those lines from your mouth, but the authoress commands you to think those lines to be persuading or pleading or threatening. There are a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors as well. Every character seems to have the same voice. There's a lot of exaggeration done, or it's just that the characters have gone into a daily soap mode and become overreacting. People reason when asked a question, but dialogues seem more mechanic, than subjective. And it seems as it the writer is forcing the characters to speak in a way, and that makes them dead. There are words which should've been replaced with better options, e.g., the word ‘bankrupt’ could've been very well replaced with ‘broke’, because then there were no banks and thus this word doesn't looks good on chronology. While conversing, we generally use contractions. When one reads the dialogues silently, it won't bother them, but once the story becomes alive, and you start speaking the dialogues aloud to listen them while you imagine yourself in, you lose it. And yes, the word HOT has been repeated so many times, that I had to look back to confirm that I'm not reading something from Fifty Shades series.

The action is good. But a rage repressed doesn't make you mutter, the tang of malice, or sarcasm, would still show in your speech, which was, well, absent. The characters lack swagger at times. Concept of Femme Fatalรฉ, though introduced, is not built up much. Satyavati in the beginning few scenes seems to fall for the lecherous man, I.e., a sage, just like that. And even after all that hard work (which would've made her muscles rip) she succumbed to his lust (beg was another bad selection, she was obviously getting raped).

Characters are either one dimensional or two dimensional, and still paper dolls. They fail to act as humans because of the reasons stated above.

I'll give this story 3 stars, if that sort of rating is asked from me. Though, a piece of written literature can only be judged comparatively, and this one is, for sure, better than some of the books on the stall, but there are a lot of books to top this. And, there are a lot of options in mytho-fantasy section, which I could be reading instead of this one.

All this book lacks is a attention, and is wanting of a rewriting. That set. It can work better, otherwise, it will remain on the shelves, as just another book, and a waste of paper.

This book has been published by Westland Publications Ltd., is 325 pages long, and the price tag says it to cost ₹350.

You can read the blurb of this book on goodreads and get this on

This copy was given to me by Writersmelon, in exchange of an honest review.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Published Year- 2018
Published by- Half Baked Beans Publishing
Pages- 128
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Ishita Singh, a student of an esteemed college in Mumbai was living a normal life along with her group of friends, a caring senior and scarily enough, a creep who stalked her.

Shweta wakes up in an unknown planet with an advanced civilisation and sets out with Alexander Ishutin, a former spy of the RSV to discover about the far future.

Underlying the lives of these two girls in different worlds, there lies a dark secret. Will they ever come across this dark secret or will it be so chilling that it won't be worth living for? Prepare yourselves for a psyched, dystopian adventure. Not for the faint hearted.

My Review

Not Worth Living For is novel which is set in two different universe, first the earth and other in Isthenope. Isthenope is a place far away from the earth, a place which technologically so advance and upgraded, the atmosphere is so different from the earth that migrants from the earth have to take special kind of herbs which help them survive.

We follow two parallel stories here, one life on Isthenope and other mischievous happenings/ assault on the earth. Having being already a big fan of fantasy genre the book didn’t disappoints me either. It was enthralling and full of hidden layers of truth and mystery.

Story begins with how Shweta find herself on an alienated land of Isthenope and really have no idea about how and why she was brought up. Sooner for her everything starts making sense and she started liking her new habitat but she was overwhelmed with various emotions when she thinks of the earth.  On contrary, a different story runs on the Earth, students getting knocked down by some strange sickness and sleep but as soon as they gain consciousness another line of crime build up.

The plot has various twists and turns and they would leave readers flabbergasted whereas for me the most amazing thing to read about was the life at Isthenope, their culture, their natural habitat and the sky of the region.

Talking about the book title and the cover that at the first place they do become a reason to read this book. Storyline was decent and minimum grammatical/editing errors makes it more smooth the book and its pace. I would like to recommend it to any fiction/fantasy lover to pick this book.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

                                Heart Quake by Ishita Deshmukh 

Published Year- 2018
Published by- LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Pages- 255
Genre- Fiction/Romance
Format- Paperback/Kindle

Bhuj. Circa, 2001.

 A city wrecked by a massive earthquake. They met after ten long years.

 Their hearts wrecked by the promise of togetherness that could never be. 

As love tries to bloom again in the unlikeliest of places, intrigue sets in. Fleeting shadows… Hidden eyes… Mysterious deaths. 

What will happen when the tremors of love collide? 

Will he make it to the epicentre of love? Will her heart quake? 

Only Heart Quake will tell…

                                                                My Review

Heart Quake is a debutant work by Ishita Deshmukh and she has done the tremendous job as a newbie author. The story is sets in the year 2001 when the massive and disastrous earthquake has drifted the city into the two parts and has changed the geography of the region.  

Sonal Patel, our protagonist is a medical intern who have come to the city for two reasons one to find her friend, who is somewhere between these miseries and second being a doctor it’s her duty to come forward with a helping hand. Always serving at decent hospitals this destruction was way more devastated and heart wrecking, howling’s from the survivor family, pool of blood and dead bodies around were all new for her but there was something which she was not aware of her meeting her lost love.

The best part about the book was the way author has described the causalities caused due to earthquake and how it has affected the lives of people of both survivor and those who have left their body. Reading those parts were so credibly written that I almost felt that I am witnessing right in front of me. Author has successfully weaves about the plight at the health centers at the Bhuj and how the team of doctors across the country has come to help the needy.  

But later a parallel story run where Sonal get to meet her past and it started effecting her life and sooner the things changed.

The story was fast paced and engaging and can be completed within two sittings. There was minor editing errors in book but can be skipped. The title and the cover was catchy. Overall the book is a good read.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

                             THE BLUE MOON DAY BY SANTHOSH SIVARAJ

Published Year- 2018
Published by- Invincible Publishers
Pages- 213
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle



Things were never the same for five ordinary individuals who got struck at cross roads and there was no way they can run back. They had no other choice but to take a plunge into their deepest fear and leave the rest to destiny. Their characters was tested out of their comfort zone and it witnessed abstruse results; a PhD scholar fights to win a pizza making contest and a tennis prodigy running for his life in a war torn, bloodied Island. Extreme circumstances and their consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary . Was the test imposed on them by someone? Or did they invite it on themselves. The Blue Moon Day is that Once in a Blue Moon day story which questions an individual's priorities, ridicules the worldly routines and finally redefines happiness.

                                                          My Review

The Blue Moon Day by Santhosh Shivraj is a collection for short stories which will leave you enthralled and amazed, the stories will not only connect you but will give you so many beautiful lessons for life. When I picked the book I didn’t realize it’s a collection of short stories but soon made paced with the few pages I realized how amazing this has been turned out to me. As the name suggest “something happened on a rare occasions “thus book is set into five different stories set in different era of life and phases. Each story will give you a ride into their life and you will be compelled to read further.   

Beginning with the first story(which happened to be my most favorite story of the book), we follow a lad who is very studious and have achieved every heights in academics but then somewhere he felt that he is not able to cope with his life and felt that he has lost his essence in the corporate world. But, then he meets his savior, and that fellow helped him to pass through the difficult situations and he was able to learn so much for him. Someone has rightly said that old persons are and will be more experienced than us and the vale and their life experience will surly guide us on the path of darkness.
Similarly we follow other stories as well and all stories are so connected with someone’s life and will give you another lesson and how any rare occasions turn out to be the most strange and futile for someone. Author has successfully pulled various lives together and put them down beautifully in the book. 

Coming to the title of the book is really apt I could not think of any other title. The cover was so fascinating and soothing that you just cannot yourself reading the book. Besides the interior design of the book is really very creative. It adds more value to the book. The stories in spite being lengthy but then they happen to be the indulging and gripping.

At last I would like to thank author for sending me a copy of this book and trust me the book didn’t disappoints me.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

                                       Kalki by Kevin Missal

Published Year- 2018
Published by- Fingerprints
Pages- 463
Genre- Mythological Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Born in the quiet village of Shambala, Kalki Hari, son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, has no idea about his heritage until he is pitted against tragedies and battles.

Whisked into the province of Keekatpur, which is under the fist of Lord Kali, Kalki sees the ignominy of death trumping life all around him. He learns that he has been born to cleanse the world he lives in, for which he must journey to the North and learn the ways of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar; from an immortal who wields an axe.

But trapped in the midst of betrayals, political intrigue and forces that seek to decimate him, will he be able to follow his destiny before the Kaliyug begins?

                                                          My Review

Before penning down this review  I have a guilty confession to make and that is it took two weeks to finish reading book but took months to share with you all my views with you. Less than a week was left for my exams when this book arrived at my door and for me it was the most euphoric moment to read it and I finished it somewhere between the exams. And I really loved it. I have been following author since he first wrote his book “Yama” and I just can’t find myself reading his books published after them.

Kevin has notch in mythological fantasy and drama that he create something out of the box every time. He highlights some of rare mythological characters and presents them so beautifully that they leave impact on its readers. The same case is with me also, look it took so long for me to share my views on Kakli.

It is belived that every human life moves from kaal charkara  and this chakara consists of four yugs. In every yug a lord is born to vanish the wrongdoers and helped the humanity sail to different yugs. With every passing yug the world gets polluted more so does the lord appeared. So considering the yugas, we are on the last phase of kaal charkra which is Kalyug. This yug is misery driven and when the world is on verge of brinking Lord Kalki is born and we will punish the evil. Here in book also we follow Lord Kalki but from a whole new perspective.

Kalki who is an ordinary boy who is no naรฏve that he in unknown to his hidden abilities of performing extraordinary. A boy who when born believe to be a farmer’s son and never ponder about his existence and why he was born. He is loved child not only of his parents but his brother loved and his childhood friend they too loved him like anything. On a stranger encounter with mysterious hidden chaos and crime in his state he walked to find the truth and eventually end up losing many loved one and discovering his inner powers and intellect.

Book talk about so many clans which were present in ancient time and how they were at loggerhead with each other in order to attain optimum powers, soma. The book has so many action packed fights and strategies that will make its reader hook till the end. Story is fast paced and indeed gripping. The cover is so magnificent and stunning. Author has perfectly blended so much hard work in this that it really makes it worth reading for.

I would not recommend it particularly but to everyone. Truly an amazing read.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

                           The Store of Stories by Asim Jafferi

Published Year- 2017
Published by- Notionpress
Pages- 65
Genre- Fiction/Short Stories
Format- Paperback/Kindle


“A Collection of 5 Engaging Short Stories” 

Alok falls for Alka as she opens her heart to him, they are in deep love but her mother is strictly against the affair….Alka finds herself torn between family and love…will Alok stand by her? Will they ever get married? 

Ameen wants to break free from tradition. He longs to live a life in the fast lane but meets a fatal accident….will he ever be able to fulfill his dreams…can he dodge death? 

Dipu runs across the lanes of Kanpur selling readymade tea….an unusual day changes his purpose of life forever….he becomes a savior….the media calls him a Superhero! 

The little Keto lives in a fascinating land like no other, he is amazed by a daily phenomenon that no one is able to explain…what is this place?…or is it any place at all? 

Identical twins Jim and Tim were living a life full of joy. A sudden misadventure turns their fate around and causes their father to disown them…

                                                             My Review

The Store of Stories as the name suggests is a collection of short stories in which author has successfully pulled various human emotions in the book. The book has a total of 5 short stories, which are so gripping and intense that you will finish it within half an hour. The five stories are more like a call to humanity, love and feelings that one nestled deep in our hearts.

Starting with the first story of the book, “The Local Superhero” we follow a boy who is struck with poverty and find his days hard to meet the daily bread. The little boy once encounter an incident and learned what courage his and this triggered so deep in him and he ended up being a savior. A heartwarming tale of poverty and bravery.

Whereas story like “The Quarter’s Review”, is a story which is extremely emotionally driven and gives us the most valuable lessons in life i.e. always value what others has done for you especially what your parents have done throughout their life just to secure and makes your life easier.
Story like “Alok and Alka”, they helped us teaching us that love is beyond all and if love finds you, it will find its way to stay with you no matter from where you come from.  These three stories were really amazing and I felt so content after reading them, they have actually hit my favorite story category.

If you are looking for something to read- short, then you much pick this book or if you are short story lovers or loves to recite fables to someone then this is the right book. Overall the book was decent read, the cover was catchy and editing fine and would not hinder reading pace but somewhere I felt title could have been worked in a better way.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

                             Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri

Published Year- 2018
Published by-  Srishti Publishers Distributors
Pages- 173
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Prisha Khatri is a regular college graduate, focused on her career, desperate to finally move out of her parents’ house and freshly dumped by her successful fiancรฉ. 

When she lands a job at a prestigious media house, she’s glad to have something to take her mind off her heartbreak. What she doesn’t expect is to be landed on a business trip with a famously fiery reporter Rajesh Lagheri. He’s travelling to a business conference for a story and doesn’t seem impressed by her involvement. 

But as soon as they’re out of the office, things change and it becomes clear that there is more to Rajesh’s trip than meets the eye. As Prisha is drawn into the story he’s trying to hide from their editor, their hunt for the story grows more intense and she finds herself growing closer to Rajesh. 

As their chemistry threatens to overwhelm them and Prisha is pulled deeper into the Seductive Affair, she must decide what matters most to her matters of the head or of the heart.

                                                             My Review

Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri we follow two main characters Prisha and Rajesh, who are living a peaceful lives in their own world. Prisha, who has just completed her graduation and was hunting for a job but then life took turn on her and she decides to call off marriage and head straight to follow her dreams. Whereas Rajesh, an independent man who works for top notch media company and loves to find his own ways of living in solace.

The plot move ahead when the two characters collide on a business trip where they both were reluctant to work together. Prisha, who find herself captivated by him, ponders over the thought to work with him but his arrogant behaviour makes her nervous in his presence. Later, we follow altogether different plot. Full of Bollywood drama and masala type.

The narration was good and the language was easy too. Plots length decent enough to finish the book in one go whereas after I was half way through the plot slows down(for me) but then it was considerably okay for readers out there. The major drawback in the book was that title, this is my own perception but I do feel that the title could have been worked in a better way.

Overall, the book was a decent read and you won’t get drained or bored.      

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

   The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship by Manjit Sargam Chawla

Published Year- 2018
Published by-  Educreation Publishing
Pages- 72
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


We encounter many soul mates whether Karmic, Companion mates in our reincarnated life from the time even before we take birth. These are our soul mates. They will help us to reunite with our twin flame-the mirror reflection of our soul-and intensify an unconditional divine love more powerful and profound than we can't imagine. Soul Mates & Twin Flames reveal the ultimate secret to discover our soul mate and our twin flame. But the mirror soul of our soul if met in this life span put the highest impact on our lives and mold us for good, make our soul spiritual awakened and we learn the true meaning of unconditional divine love. Twin Flames and numerous advanced souls are presently re-uniting across the planet to complete their soul's purpose of ONENESS at this reincarnation on Earthy plane. Humanity has long been trapped by the forces of illusion and hatred that have brought about much suffering and pain. The increasing numbers of souls awaken to their true purpose; to reconnect to their spiritual Formless almighty universe and to serve their fellow beings. Twin Flame soul relationship bear soul tearing and very painful term cycle consists of union, separation, crisis, runner chaser Phase, reunion and many more. If they are successful to raise their vibrational frequency then, they will transit to a higher dimension and will be spiritually Awakened.

My Review

The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship by Manjit Chawla is book which will leave you inspired and makes your heart waiting for your twin soul. If you ever had a heartbreak, this book will give you a reason to live and will justify that your soulmate is somewhere in the universe and you are happen to meet one day. Trust me, every day your parents, friends and peers keep on consoling you that right time will come when everything will be sorted but after reading this very book you will find everything logically perfect.

The book starts with the basic difference between lovers and soulmates. Why the two souls are called soul mates and then you will be pushed further to know little more about the twin souls. Twin souls. In this, entire universe we all have your twin souls somewhere waiting for us, just like we that someday we will meet someone who will turn our world upside down.
Another concept which I truly loved was life cycle and its influence on our lives. How we can feel our companion right around us and why they are called twin souls? We are humans and we always run for logics and application and solution of our problem, believe me this book is more of a practical exposures.

I always wondered why I love my best friend so much, why my thoughts travelled faster than my words and my dear ones always knew what’s happening inside me. My all sorts of questions were answered in this book.

Moving on with the title and cover, they both are very apt and genuine. The narration is more like that book is itself speaking to you and you will understand every bit of it. Language was simple and you won’t be pushed to pick a dictionary.

One of the finest thing was that how author has cleared the things combining science, God, cycle of life and death and our karmic accounts. At last, I feel so content and connected to every person who is in my life.

The book is must who are facing depression or who have lost someone dear in life, besides an eudemonist person can also read this beautiful book.



๐Ÿ’ฎBuy your copy here-

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

                    Flying Without Wings by Rishabh Puri

Published Year- 2018
Published by-Black Ink(First Edition)
Pages- 200
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


For Milli Bajwa, life is at a stand-still. Grounded in the Chandigarh airport where she works day after day, she watches flights leaving for destinations she knows she'll never visit. Loveless and luckless, she would rather bury her nose in a book than face her grim reality. And then, on a whim, she swipes right on a new dating app, and finds the man of her dreams - someone who can sweep her off her feet and teach her how to fly. But the mysterious and charming Karan Singhania has secrets of his own, and a heart damaged in more ways than one. This is the story of two people about to find out how far they're willing to go for the promise of true love.

                                                            My Review

Flying Without Wings by Rishabh Puri is a romantic story where we follow two main leads Milli and Karan who have a devastated lives. One who have everything(Karan) and other who is an independent enough to live a decent life but then there is something which money cannot buy. Karan who longed for a genuine love and care and Milli also hoped to find someone with whom she can actually shares her ordeals. But two happen to meet on online dating app. Did they meet? Did they find their love? Does life  give them second chance? Grab your copy to find about them.

Having read the previous work of author, I must  say that he has improved a lot in his writing style. I really enjoyed the chapters but then the book lacked the plot and due to this, I somewhere loose the interest. Plots were over stretched and failed to convey the emotions budding between the protagonists. Another pothole was in the story was the grammatical errors and editing issue.

But then, I was impressed by the way author has balanced between the other characters. Each other character was helping the story to sail beautifully and magically. I would recommend this book to those who have keen interest in reading romantic genre, it is definitely for them.


Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Friday, 22 June 2018

                    Lovestruck by Prasupta Roy

Published Year- 2018
Published by- Half Baked Beans Publishing
Pages- 130
Genre- Romance/Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Kaatyaani works as an English teacher in a school. She enjoys her job as she finds it both challenging and rewarding. She dreams of excelling in this field and getting some recognition in her life. But, life takes a different turn when she marries Hemant. She now has only one wish-to become a mother. For, she thinks a baby will fill the void in her life. But fate has different plans! Amidst the turmoil when life seems meaninglessshe meets Siddharth, a tall and handsome man in his mid-thirties. In him, she finds her ideal man, her soul mate. They come closer, fall in love and wish to spend life with each other. But Kaatyaani won’t leave Hemant. For, she thinks he will be shattered if she forsakes him. Fate plays a game again when Hemant gets transferred to Bangalore. Her heart craves for Siddharth while her mind demands fidelity. In this tussle, between her heart and mind who will win-the heart or the mind?

My Review

Lovestruck by Praupta Roy is a complicated affair between arranged marriage and their complexities which leads to spilt of couples. In the story we follow Kaatyaani who is married to Hemant, the couple has lives a happy life but sooner their happiness was short lived and to find her solace she befriended Siddharth(online friend).
After finishing the book, I concluded two things, one that book has reflected some relevant facts whereas I felt that book was highly fictitious.
Let’s behind with cons, book begins with the arranged married couple who once had a gala life but soon the craving of being parent starts pulling them off their marriage. Kaatyaani the protagonist is kind of married woman which we happen to see around, she scarified her dreams to make things better in their marriage. In our society we still have in-laws and husbands who still didn’t want their daughter-in-law/wife to move out of the home and continue her job; same was the case of Kaatyaani. Women not only scarified her dreams but gradually they give up their interests and liking because their beloved husband doesn’t approve of them. Exactly, was the case with Kaatyaanai. Whenever a couple is not able to have a baby, a woman is always questioned even if she is physically and mentally fit to conceive. The same happened with Kaatyaani. These were the portions which I could relate because we happen to see around.

But sooner the book proceeds, the plot line throws me question “Does polygamy is legal in India?”, this went off for me. Moving ahead, Kaatyaani finally find peace in a virtual friend but then they got separate and met just like in movies. That’s something which never happen in real life.

Narration could have been fast paced but then the poor editing of the poor hindered the part of smooth reading. The book doesn’t match with the storyline which is yet another drawback. And  I again want to request HBB to increase the font size, it really pained to read small texts and it sometimes makes the book monotonous.  Overall, the plot was good and I would recommend you to read it. At last, I would rate 3/5 star. Really wish to see more books by the author in stores and personally on female centric.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava  

Monday, 18 June 2018

                              I Owed You One by Madhu Vajpayee

Published Year- 2018
Published by- LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd
Pages- 258
Genre- Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Dev Khanna has it all before a mysterious letter shakes the very foundation he has built his life on. With his beliefs challenged, he decides to close the chapter once and for all. I Owed You One is the story of promises and commitments, of triumphs and defeat, and of holding on and letting go.
About the Author
Dr. Madhu Vajpayee the writer is born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture the enigma of life in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several medical papers and chapters in books, she started her journey in the literary world. Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post-graduation, MD Clinical Microbiology from AIIMS, New Delhi.

She was a faculty at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi having been associated with diagnosis and management of patients living with HIV/AIDS besides being actively involved with research and teaching. She is now settled in Melbourne, Australia with her family, where she is devoting most of her time to writing, the passion that she couldn't pursue earlier because of the demands of medical profession and commitment it requires. When not creating stories, Madhu enjoys reading and traveling.
My Review

I Owed You One is story of a mother who never turned her back to love her only child, a story of an affluent and powerful father who neglected his personal life, a story of a son who missed the touch of family and a story which has only one thread but it turned their lives roller-coaster.

Dev, the protagonist who had got everything in his life but then his life lacked proper love from his father and his wish of having a normal family always remained a wish. But sooner, his life comes to normal pace but then he received a letter from the past and it changed his life forever.

We live in a world where our every action counts; we never know how our one request would make us in debt and whose price we ought to pay. In simple terms, we can say that promises are something from which we can never run away. The same was with Dev, he was bound to fulfill his promise he make long back.

Coming to the book title and cover, it’s absolutely stunning and goes well with the story line. Character building was decent but the things I didn’t enjoy about the book were editing errors and the over stretched plot. The plot actually makes me very tiresome at the end of the book. Book could have been very gripping but again the plot didn’t work well. Whereas language of the book acts like a bonus  point that it will be easily read by anyone.
Book is more like a story of one karma and how different lives were interconnected to it. Book will give your life lessons and make you get hold of your life.

Overall, I Owed You One is a decent, one time read. Those who want to relax and read a light read they can pick this book.  I would rate 3/5stars for putting together a beautiful book for readers.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava