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Thursday, 30 June 2016
All of Me by Jonali Karmakar 

Year Published : 2016
Published by : Amazon Kindle
Pages : 81
Format :Kindle Edition

                                           Book Synopsis

All of Me is a collection of thirteen little stories that have been gleaned from real life as well as imagination. Exploring a range of genres, these throb with everything primal to human nature: fear, angst, joy, love, and longing. Some stories are designed to elicit smiles, chuckles, and maybe even a belly laugh or two whereas some are meant as a reality check. Universal in nature, each story provides a glimpse of what women empowerment or a lack thereof can mean in a person’s life. 
From a small hamlet in India to the roads of Australia; from a mother’s betrayal to a daughter’s confession; from romance to heartbreak, learn for yourself the what, how and whys. 
Originally written for anthologies and ezines, these stories have been revisited and updated for this new collection. 

                                My Review

All of Me consists of thirteen short stories which are relatable to real life. Reading All of Me was like opening your own nestled part of life and then recollecting it back. Book will pull you to past, present and expected future. Moreover, you’ll find characters are from real life but with different names. You’ll experience love , longing of someone special , betrayal, fear and many more human behavioral emotions blend in pages.
All of Me was  the apt title to the book I really cannot imagine other title better than this . All of Me is nothing your own projection to the various situations and happening of your life.
All of Me book title thrilled me to read more whereas I felt the cover picture could have been better, it somewhere mismatched the book content.
All of Me is short story book and it was completed in a single sitting as the Author has presented the stories in a lucid manner that it makes you stick till the end.

Narration- The narration of the book was perfect, each story was catchy and few were really eye pleasing. Bits and Pieces  was a nice kick start.

Language – The language of the book was simple. Readable to everyone. There were few sections of love and longing I personally enjoyed the most.

Stories which I enjoyed the most 

Burning Bridges-It’s a story about a boy when he realized that he was an adopted child. The story was very touching as it takes you to the place of that boy, you would sense emotions like fear , wrath  and feeling of betrayal.

Confessions of a  Daughter-Confession of a Daughter is story which revolves around a daughter and her  mother who is  heck dedicated towards her household work that she forgets to took care of herself , mother who forgets to stand for herself. A heart wrecking agony and dismal of a daughter towards her mother.

Negative Punch -

1.Book require strong editing, there were grammatical mistakes.
2.Language was very simple, Author could have played with words more beautifully.

Overall Rating- I rate All of Me 3/5 stars. A light read book.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Friday, 24 June 2016
Panorama A Collection of Short Stories by Shilpi Chaklanobis

Year Published : 2016
Publisher: Notion press
Pages: 134
Format: Paperback

                                                      Book Synopsis

A turbulent relationship between a mother and a daughter takes a sudden turn when the daughter stumbles across a past that she never knew.....

The golden period of a professor’s life is tainted by questions about his purpose until one night gives him all the answers he needs........

Desperate times test us all but when hunger drives a girl to do the unthinkable, her life changes forever..........

Woven around the lives of the people around us – the shy girl on the metro, your domestic help, your neighbors and perhaps even you – this collection of short stories will take you on a bittersweet journey that explores the spectrum that is part of any human relationship and all the complexity and chaos that secretly dwell within the homes and hearts of India.

Often laced with an element of introspection, the stories are sure to change the way you see the world around you…  

                                                   My Review 

Panorama A Collection of Short Stories by Shilpi Chaklanobis is a book consisting of series of emotions penned by author . A book which we will make you realize your ignorance, it will make you reflect your own reflection and the book which is fiction but written in a such a manner that you’ll feel it’s someone’s life. Book deals with wonderful stories from everyone’s life and it will leave you content once you are done with it. After a long time I read really good short stories book.

Narration- The narration of book was simple, it was completely page turner and was completed in a single sitting. The initial chapter was a kick start of the book which makes me enjoy the book till last.

Language- Author has penned down each story in a lucid way, which makes it readable to everyone. Simple yet catchy.

Stories I enjoyed the most –

The Thirst- Love can fill us with complete sense of contentment as well as it can create a void in us but what if you realize that all the vacant feeling comes from your own parents only better say mother , yes it will leave you all shattered and makes you apathetic. The thirst is a story of a girl who remain untouched by love of her own mother and one fine day it comes true as a doomsday of her own life.

Bribe- Bribe, the story which was very close to me because I have seen and observed it in my own house, how our parents behave when we start getting inclined more towards either mom or dad, and how they behave to get child’s love and attention. A heart warming story.

The Wait- Poverty can compel you to walk on any path and hence the story. The Wait is a story of a poverty ridden family, who was devastated completely. A loving wife who longed for her husband to return but she wasn’t aware that he had gone so long that he cant return.

Negative Punch – There were few stories which I found could have been better way. Apart from it, book requires a bit of editing.

Book Recommendation – Book is recommended to everyone because it contains stories which you might close to your own life.

Overall Rating - I would love to rate this book for penning down perfect blend of emotions 4/5.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Dominion by Adrash Ramesh

Year Published – 2016
Publisher Leadstart Publications
Pages 492
Format – Paperback

                                                                Book Synopsis

"As the beating on the door at Senator Vaughn Fletcher's chamber intensifies, as the deafening, frightening noise of the law enforcement agents converging on all fours escalates, an unforgiving voice commands Nahiossi Griffiths to make an escape from the gory scene of murder and fly down to Amsterdam. However, oddly the Vice President of the United States, Jamie Edwards, is seemingly volunteering to fly with Nahiossi at La Guardia.
 In the midst of a secluded mountain in Berghof, a warrior of the past who proclaims himself as The Fuhrer, forges new alliances and nurtures a legion, of which the ignorant leaders of our structured world are either a part of or the sorry subjects of precariously crafted tweaks in the fabric of their debauched world that impels a gushing wave of chaos.
 A government parallel to the White House, born out of hypocrisy and composed of so-called vindictive idealists has allied with the formidable Mafioso to enforce order within and beyond the frail borders that most unfortunately divide the citizens of the world. As their leader, the Wolf howls, his loyal pups unearth the buried, recover the hidden and right the wrongs.
When PiCorp intervenes into the case of Nahiossi Griffiths, the investigation deepens, hidden facts from the past are exhumed and minions from all fronts converge to fight the battle of the unforgiving and the unfathomable.
 A blend of action, romance, war, vengeance, lust and a battle for power, this book will take you to the epicenter of what the world might turn into if all hell broke loose. Are you ready to plunge into it?""

                                                               My Review

The Dominion by Adarsh Ramesh , book which is dedicated to the bestowed detective of all time Sherlock Holmes by his aficionado . Author efforts are impeccable , the book not only have powerful narration but also every thing is very well researched . In the introductory part by Author he wrote , the book took exactly four years and I could actually see the results .

The Dominion , is a murder mystery of Senator Vaughn , a noble citizen of States and how a single mystery leads to multiple courses of actions and incidents going around . Story of a boy who lost his mother , who lost his love of life by patricide . Story which revolves around assassinations and a conundrum which gets solved inch by inch . The title of the book truly justified the story and the cover was appealing , hawk , wail of a dog , blood and the Nazi man’ Adolf Hitler .; catchy cover picture .     

Narration- The flow and the presentation of the book was fabulous . The book was page turner from the very initial chapter to the last tree of events and timeline consisting of various events took place . Probably it was the highlighted thing I found in very rare books .

Language – The language was very catchy and readable . Enjoyed it!!!

Characters I enjoyed the most –

The characters I enjoyed where the various agents of SWAT ,CATS etc , who were involved in solving the case . Other I enjoyed reading the part of robbers . The assembled information about the crime by Agents were very eye pleasing . Nahiossi , without whom story couldn’t be so better was another character which I enjoyed learning about him in the book . Overall  , the characterization of each and every character were beautifully written and narrated .
Portions which I enjoyed the most-

The portion which I enjoyed was , when the case leave every security authority baffled . It was not less than any Hollywood movie scene . Completely amazing .
Other portion I enjoyed the court scene of Sebastian and Reyes when they both were toiling hard to produce the evidences in the court and hence the judgment was like turning the table .
Robbery portion was my most enjoyed portion , completely content me and most fascinating .
Negative Punch –

1. There were few chapters which we guessing.
2. Few editing mistakes.
3. Too much of time& date changes and locations creates a confusion.

Book Recommendation- The book was completed in a two sitting but it was page turner. No guessing was involved anywhere in the book. The idea and content were fresh. The book is strongly recommended to those who prefer to read thriller. The book will leave you enthrall.

Overall Rating - I would love to rate this dedication to Sherlock Holmes 4/5 stars. A must read book.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava