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Friday, 10 March 2017
Silent Invaders by Shree
Year Published : 2016
Publisher : Petals Publishers
Pages : 96
Format : Paperback

Book Synopsis

'Silent Invaders' is a mystery-thriller novel. It revolves round the life of a young woman Sana and the story involves hate crimes which were nurtured due to childhood assaults. Sana develops a horrific mental illness, which impacts her normal life drastically. She remains totally oblivious of what was happening to her and around her. But her near and dear ones finally stir the society to become aware of the reasons and the consequences of the traumatic condition Sana went through.

My Review
I remember how curiously I was searching on internet from past few days any novel catering psychological horror or thriller genre but realizing loads of books are there it was really hard to pick one and read it, thus it was such a difficult task though they didn’t match my anticipation but trust me this book came like a bliss. It actually fulfill my thirst of reading something really out of the box.  Silent Invaders revolves around horrific murders and a single thread which binds everything going around. Book is just a perfect mixture of crime, love, child abuse and suspense. Just loved the concept, so fresh.
Story begins with multiple murders in Durham, a country in north-east of England whereas another parallel story goes on about a girl named Sana. The narration of the book was fast paced but author has really worked hard in penning down emotions into short and crisp chapters. As stated in the author’s bio, she loves travelling and yes her wanderlust was seen in the book.
I couldn’t afford to think any other apt title of this book because it says a lot. Story title was really catchy and will compel the readers to go ahead and read the book. Talking about the cover design, the cover design is just so spooky. A girl who is standing alone in the dusk and blowing wind played with her hair as if wind was intentionally blowing so that she can disguise herself. Beautiful cover, goes with the storyline. The language of the book was really very simple yet very lucid, foreign expression adds more flavor to it. Simple and readable.
I do not know whom to call my favorite character because I loved every part of this book. Starting from Sana, the protagonist who earlier had had very depressing childhood and then gradually she had a lovely family. Sana, is a girl who strongly believes in justice and wants every child to have a beautiful and memorable childhood. Can anyone imagine such person as threat or spooky? To know more, go and grab your copy. Strong built character.
Another character I enjoyed was Rita, the attorney-at-law who brilliantly solved the mysterious murders and stood by what is right. Coming back to Sana, I really loved her parents. They are so lovable.
Portions I enjoyed was when the story commenced, the brutal multiple murders, literally enjoyed the crime scenes. Next, I enjoyed all the medical sessions added into the books, some of them was no less than feeling you might be the one. Another, which caught my attention was the very strong yet neglected topic of child abuse, believe me author has really written and experimented on such an issue outstandingly.
I would love to recommend this amazing work to everyone because you won’t regret it for a second. Once you start reading you will be hooked till the last page and book will leave you with curiosity what will happen next.
My verdict- 4/5 stars. I couldn’t help but I have to wait to hear from the author about her upcoming books.
Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sinister Series 1 – Chromozone Flesh and Blood by Paul Roberts

Year Published : 2015
Publisher : Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Pages : 258
Format : Kindle Edition

                                                 Book Synopsis

The first book of The Sinister Series features Sara Greene. A mother to an adorable seven year old who is deaf from birth. Straight away their world is thrown into turmoil when a contagious infection is spreading across the United Kingdom, turning the living into a new breed of zombie like no other. Fearful for their lives, Sara has no choice but to build up the courage to protect her only child one way or another. She learns the hard way that the rules have changed. It’s kill or be killed. 

Just how far will Sara go to protect the one thing that means everything to her? Can she put all her instincts aside and become a killer? 

                                               My Review
Chromozone Flesh and Blood is a story which every Zombie lover would love to read. Ya, you heard me right, the book revolves around a group of survivors running to save their life and trying every second to get rid off Zombies who captured the whole United Kingdom. For a second. I thought that I am going to read the same plot of Resident Evil luckily author saved me and yes, it was different though somewhere I found the plot similar but that’s obvious they are after all Zombies and you cannot befriend them or they cannot pass through the walls like ghosts. The book is full of scary portions and human fight against odds. But what happen? Did they survived or they too were turned into Zombies and for that you need to buy and read the book.

Narration- Narration of the book was fast paced and very gripping. I completed the book in a single go and yes it does not ends what happened in any Zombie featuring movie.

Language – Language of the book was crisp but somewhere I felt disappointed due to grammatical errors but its okay sometime we just need to feel the book rather than being a Grammar Nazi.

Characters I enjoyed the most

Sara – Sara, one of the main character, strongly built and really was inspiring virago. Sara who was having everything perfect in her life but suddenly one call from her husband turned her world upside down. Sara who keeps on fighting and experienced the most horrible picture of human destruction, no matter what she keeps her head high and just reminded herself that she needs to be with her son, Harry.

Harry – Harry, was undoubtedly very cute but deaf boy (this could be avoided it made the book resemble like the movie). In spite of being challenged he managed to be very careful and behave like a good boy. Mumma’s boy!

Libby – Libby, woman who was a hard nutshell to crack, not so friendly and loud mouth character. But I loved how she remain true to her new found friends in disguise and stick around and helped others. Libby was just so enjoyable part. Loved her!!!

Portions which I enjoyed the most – Penning down the best and the loved portion I enjoyed is tough because the book hooked me till the last page, giving me Goosebumps and scaring the hell out of me(I love reading and watching horror but I do get scared!!!) Right, so I was saying I was experiencing creepy pasta and the book just not spared me. The book had very intense and spooky portions like when Sara and Harry found their neighbor woman thrown herself out of the car. How the maniacs run carelessly on the road searching for living cell around them.

Once, done with the book I realized it’s not Resident Evil’s story. The author has perfectly added gamut of feelings into a book and it does work very well. There was part where I found my hand on my mouth, it was scary to think who else can join Zombies and makes everything worse. Right, readers you got to read it book to know what I am talking about.

Negative Punch – The book will give Goosebumps to its reader but it will disappoint them when it comes to grammatical errors. Author could have worked in this particular section otherwise a little tip to readers, avoid such errors and enjoy the story. Later, I felt the story could be more twisted and blended because I was reminded of Resident Evil and Zoombieland but what else I can expect from Zoombies other than tearing out the shit of the living.

Book Recommendation - I’m not going to ask readers to be specific this time because we all love watching movie thus, this book will do fulfill your expectations, just go and grab the book and read it. It’s worth reading for all of you.

Overall Rating - I would rate the first installment of Sinister series 3.5/5 stars and would be looking forward for next book in the same series packed with haunting yet powerful content which will again send shivers down the spine.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava