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Tuesday, 13 June 2017
 The Inimitable Chaos Of Life by Maliny Mohan

Published Year- 2017
Publication-  Storymirror
Genre- Fiction/Short Stories
Pages- 183
Format- Paperback


A naive girl of eighteen is trapped in a dungeon, which changes her and her capturer’s life forever. Afar, tucked away in the sleepy terrains of a town in Kerala, a married woman is determined to revisit a forbidden part of her past.

 A model-turned-MBA aspirant is scourged mentally for a decision she almost made three years back. Back in the less happening village of Kanyapuram, an aspiring author loses a copy of her very first manuscript. 

True to its title, ‘The Inimitable Chaos of life’ is an amalgamation of enthralling stories borrowed from the chaotic pages of life, which allure you to relive the multitude of unique emotions humans are made of.

                                                                          My Review

Should I call “The Inimitable Chaos of Life” a collection of short story or a rainbow of emotions which wants to dip or wants to see once in his life.  Every storm is settled leaving us with two options either to repent or mourn over loss or combat from the chaos around us. Book has page turner incidents penned in it which looks more a non-fiction, will leave readers with few questions in their mind.

I wonder which story I should call my favorite the first one “Sara” story of bond which is shared between brother and sister who were not biologically siblings, it’s just they together wandered into the streets and end up leaving in an orphanage.  A beautiful piece describing life of orphans and after life story when they are picked by families.

Metamorphosis, story of girl who hails from an affluent family despite of carefree about everything around because she has everything to feel content about; landed up in a mess.  Story which will set some morals in the mind of brats.

The Man At The Copy Shop, sometimes you need right person in your life for a zing. Kavita who wanted to paint the world with her words were never given wings because society and parents doesn’t accept writing a book can alone make you earn a decent bread. Everything was fine in her life but some uncertainty hit her. She learned lesson in those dark hours.  An inspiring read.

Apartment No. 20, a story of a couple who spent their entire life in a house but later was asked to move. But one thing was sure even they left memories never leaves. This particular story was really very emotionally penned I could find tears brimming when I read it.
Forlorn Soul- The Story of Ananya, it’s a story which revolves around a girl and her parents heated dispute which leads to taking toil on child psychology. A lucent story.

There were other stories too which I loved so much, author narrative style is something very eye pleasing. There were minor editing errors but overall readers can skip such hindrances. Story title was catchy, goes with every story. I loved the colour, simple and elegant. It’s been a whole year that I read something so magical and I just flew with every each. Author imaginative work has sprinkle like creating a aura of amazing creativity. I would highly recommend this short story collection because it will pull you out of struggle you face and would lighten up your spirits.

I would rate 4/5 stars for this amazing work. Keep up the good work author.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava 

 I Am Still Beautiful by Divya R Bandodkar

Published Year-  2017
Publication-  Amazon Pacific  Seller
Genre- Fiction
Pages- 48
Format- Kindle


“You are not perfect.”

“You are not a complete lady.”

“You are damaged.”

“I cannot marry an imperfect person like you.”

These sentences said by him echoed in her ears. She felt the rush of emotions all over again. 

“Why was there a need to tell him? Couldn’t you keep quiet for some days or at least until engagement ceremony? Can’t you see how much disturbed your father and me are? How much pain do you want us to suffer from?" Her mother shouted.

Why did he say it to her? What did she tell him? Why is her mother shouting at her?

Meet Payal, a girl in her twenties hoping to find love. Will she ever find it?

                                                                        My Review

“You are not perfect”, what actually makes anyone perfect? Is there any definition which can describe any individual? I guess, no. 

Book begins with quoted text which makes me aghast and disappointed. Divya’s “I Am Still Beautiful” is justifying that no person needs a perfect body to flaunt or a pleasing personality which he can show off to others. Payal was a jubilant girl who had everything in her life but still there was something which was bothering her, it was her growing disease within her. 

She felt the world is hunky-dowry who would accept her but nothing like that happened.
Payal was already shattered by her previous failed relationship and had lost every hope but then love knocks again but transient moment never last long. “You are damaged”,  well what’s exactly damage means? A slow recovery? Or an injury on your body which might took years to get normal?  Book actually shows reflection of society where we lives in, we build up lies and fake promises and kept on hurting anyone. 

Story starts with a sad note where Payal’s feels that she has lost herself again but at the end book turn like a new leaf which surprises me. Coming back to book title, is simply amazing. Every person is unique and one must respect others. Cover was simple which reflects a girl pondering over her loss and can also be noted that she is self-discovering herself from a long battle. Story was gripping but some pole holes like editing and grammatical error hinders the path. But let’s just skip it because author would rectify them in next edition or in this only. I would rate it 3.5/5 stars. Keep inking author.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Monday, 12 June 2017
Rubaroo by Priyanka Bansal

Publication- Ayan Prakashan
Format- Hardcover
Genre- Hindi Poetry

My Review

लेखिका ने समाज के हर वर्ग, हर समस्याओं को उठाया है| अपने मन से की व्यथा को बहुत  अच्छी तरह से दर्शाया| समाज का हर हिस्सा जिससे हैमारे समाज का निर्माण होता सबका खिंचा हैं जसे किन्नर, पिता, घर, फूटपाथ,  दादी, आत्मा अन्य सबकी नीयत बतायी हैं| 

हर जगह नारी को ममता बाताया गया है पर ' पीता' केवीता में एक पुरुूष कि मन केि व्यथा का बाड़ा हीी मार्मिक ढंग से चित्रण किया गया है।

'अब बोलती नहीँ दादी' कविता में घर में बुजुर्गों केि खाली जागह का एहसास करया गयाा है।

वहीं दूसरी ओर 'ना, नर मैंं नरी' जसी कविता के मध्यम से समाजमें किन्नर का भी एक महत्वपूर्ण सथान बताया है।

आत्मा जसी कविता के द्वारा बदलती हुई परिचय दिया है। 

फिर से बच्चे के द्वरा दिल की हालत के बारे में बताया है कि बचपन और दिल मे कितना सामंजस्य हैं।

फुटपाथ के माध्यम के द्वारा निर्धान वर्ग कि ओर ध्यान आकर्षित किया है।

आम इंसान के द्वारा इस भिड़ भरि दुनिया मे आम इंसान ने अपनी पहचान खो दिया है।

कवित्री अपनी कविताओं मैं जीवन के हर पहलू  की तरफ ध्यान दर्शने मै सफ़ल हुई है, कहीं पंक्तियों का क्रम टूटा नज़र आता है। इसके बावजूद पद्य गद्य सा प्रतीत हो रा है
लेकिन इसके बावजूद कवियो अंतर मन को छू जाती है और हमे सोचने पर विवश करती हैं।  आज समाज मैं जैसे अश्लीलता और फूहड़पन से बनी रचना करते हैं लेखन का सत्र गिरता जा रहा है वही लेखिका ने समाज को ही नही अपने लेखन के द्वाराा लेखों केो भी अच्छी प्रेरित किया है। अच्छी कोशीश करि हैं लेखन  कार्य जाारी रखे।

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava