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Thursday, 28 March 2019
                        The Code of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi

Book name- The Code of Manavas
Author name- Arpit Bakshi
Publication name- Rupa Publications
Published Year- 2018
Pages- 285
Genre- Fiction


Book one of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, The Code of Manavas, is set some two million years past ad 2050, when earth as we know it ceased to exist and so did mankind. A new race, the Manavas, now exists on Bhoomi, the erstwhile Earth, which is divided into two cities—Madhavpur and Ayudhpur. In the quiet and peaceful city of Madhavpur, a reclusive Krishna is busy with an immense task. He has to prepare a new abode for the Manavas before an impending apocalypse destroys them. He knows something that nobody else does—the Manavas are running out of time faster than they can imagine and there are no inhabitable planets to escape to. To make matters worse, there is someone in Madhavpur who wants to destroy Krishna and subjugate each Manava. The Manavas, it seems, are doomed. Yet Krishna knows there is a slim chance of survival for the Manavas, although there is a huge price to be paid for it. Will the various factions of the Manavas unite for the greater good? Will Krishna, who saved them during the turn of the last Yuga, be able to save them now? What will be the price to pay? Enter the mythical world of Maha Vishnu and get swept up in a fast-paced suspenseful narrative.

My Review

The first book of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, The Code of Manavas is a promising book with perfect combination of science and mythology.
The book begins with Krishna who is all set to set existence of new race of, Manava. The new race is set in future when Kali-yug was over and with limited survivors, Krishna is setting up a new secure land, Bhoomi in the galaxy.
The new world is way more technologically advanced and superior to their ancestors. The author has pulled of many names associated with Lord Vishnu and portrayed them in such a powerful, intellectual and tech- savy manner. 
Book is fast paced and would not let readers to leave their place. Author has not revealed much in the first instalment, which is a bonus point that the readers would be hooked to know what's more lies in the story ahead.
Narration was amazing, the book cover was so beautiful and the title, the apt one.
Really enjoyed reading the balance between the mythology ane science.
I would not specifically recommend it but this book is something which we can be read by any genre readers. Overall, the book was so refreshing, fascinating and a page Turner.

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Book Name- Ghoomophiro
Author Name- Himadri Garg
Publication- Kalamos Literary Services LLP
Published Year- 2019
Genre- Fiction
Page Count- 195
Full of photographs, souvenirs and trinkets from around the world, the Kumar house was nothing short of a mini-museum of the flavours from the world. There were preserve-me glow balls from places that no longer existed- like the great barrier reef or the Hawaiian Islands, along with memory-cubes, that contained snap-shot holograms of places that the residents had been to and wanted to revisit virtually anytime they wanted. Happy photographs of family members, still framed, instead of the now common digital screen-shots that kept changing as per calendar events, awards and certificates for varied accomplishments, both professional and personal and signs of a well-read occupant were all visible. The house, to say the least, had character and spoke for itself, even though, ironically, most of its members did not as much.
Ghoomophiro is the story of two sisters Nitika and Kritika and their exciting much-awaited trip with their family. Both of them are travelers and during this trip, family discusses everything about their travel tales.
With its vivid descriptions, uplifting adventures, Ghoomophiro is a journey that everyone can live with and can relate to and can inspire anyone to pack the bags to explore.
My Review
Ghoomophiro is a travel account of two sister's, Nikita and Kritika who loves travelling even after hitting fifties. The book is fast paced in future where we are equipped with AI. Book begins with sister's going concern about their children and their addiction towards gadgets. The two planned way out to break them from this monotonous lifestyle.
The book consists of various travel accounts from the author's life. The places she has visited and her thrilling experience to great places.
The book excessively long, less paragraph break somewhere makes the book less appealing. On contrary I enjoyed description of places mentioned in the book.
The portion I enjoyed how the two wanderlust sister's come together with whole family to celebrate their travel journey.
The book cover could have been better, the narration was slow whereas writing style and language was decent.
The book can be picked on Sunday's. The overall the book was decent.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava
Friday, 22 March 2019

Book Name: Trapped
Author Name: Rajat Chakraborty
Publication: Author's Ink Publication
Published Year: 2019
Genre: Self Help
Pages: 181

                                                         Book Synopsis

Difficulties and hurdles are inevitable. Minor setbacks, major failures, degrees of struggle vary from person to person - no two are alike. When you find yourself questioning your strengths, that’s when you are faced with one major question - “Do I put my head down and try harder, do I seek help, or do I concede that I’m not meant to be doing this?” This book is dedicated to the bright young minds who are confused or in doubt about taking the next step. It helps increase your self-awareness, and find the key to unlocking your true potential.

                                                         My Review

With so many motivational speakers, online journals and already published some good self help material it's really hard to come across book by a newbie and you realise
he really taught you something is a tough job. Trapped by Rajat Chakraborty is one such book. The book has left me content, hooked with the seat corner until I finished it. It's book where you can easily go back and reinvent yourself. A healing guide which would not make you wonder why you lacked rather than where and in this moment you can kick start your dreams.

Author has very articulately defined each and every chapter. Each chapter has inputs and if one always stick to any one of the page he/she can really do well. The amount of energy and time invested in book is clearly reflected, author has mentioned throughout the book various sites for personality tests, careers enriching blogs, famous articles, his own journey and what not.
Without giving a second that the book has actually made into my worth book read of 2019.

Moving on to the title, really very apt. The book cover is sober and catchy; clearly defines one's state of mind in this hustle bustle world. With least grammatical errors reader would enjoy journey of so many living great men, how discovering yourself can change your life.
I would recommend everyone to read this book. Book will guide you, stay yo your side even when you have multiple dimensions to explore.

PS: Glad I get the opportunity to read this book.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava